Pete Navarro Is Back In His White House "Time Out" Closet

This is becoming a fun annual tradition.

An update on our prediction from yesterday: Peter Navarro has indeed been publicly benched for the second time by the Trump administration, locked away this time by John Kelly and Larry Kudlow.


The White House has deliberately curtailed trade advisor Peter Navarro's public profile amid a clash with top economic advisor Larry Kudlow, a person with knowledge of the matter told CNBC on condition of anonymity.

And in the best possible twist, Navarro will almost surely escape once more, free to say something dangerously crazy about China and Wall Street before being punished...

Despite the tensions, neither official is expected to leave the administration soon, said the source, who declined to be named. President Donald Trump could also change his mind at any time about Navarro's role.

It's almost reassuring that Navarro remains the White House's answer to the guy who is somehow always outside your bodega despite being constantly chased off by the owner for panhandling and saying crazy things about "the Zionists."

We're already looking forward to Round Three!

White House curtails Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro's public role as Larry Kudlow rips him for comments on China talks [CNBC]