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Trump Wants A Trade Deal With China So Badly That He's Bringing Peter Navarro To His Critical G20 Dinner With The Chinese

Hope everyone loves tariffs!

In what can only be described as the high-level diplomatic equivalent of bringing an angry, hungry, mentally unstable two-year-old on a first date with someone who hates kids, Donald Trump is bringing Peter Navarro to his dinner with the Chinese at the G20 Summit...


White House trade policy advisor and China hawk Peter Navarro will be attending a crucial meeting between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping this week, a White House official confirmed to CNBC.

We can only assume that Navarro has been sucking up to an increasingly embattled Trump in recent days, which is Navarro's best and only tactic for getting out of his periodic "You said something crazy again" timeouts. But now Trump is cornered and looking for a new friend since he's really mad at Steve Mnuchin, Larry Kudlow and Wilbur Ross for...something? GM? The Fed? We've lost track. This is peak Navarro time. Trump feels isolated, needy and looking to score big with some kind of "Tough" China deal. Navarro feeds and massages Trump's thoughts on China, so why not bring him along to Argentina as a subtle secret weapon? This is Trump at his most 3D Chess-level diplomatic brilliance. Bringing Navarro to talk to Xi? No one will know what to make of this Art of the Deal ninja thinking...

His addition to the dinner could be seen as a signal to the Chinese that trade hawks are ascendant inside the administration. Word of his attendance sent the Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly to its low of the day.

Honestly, if Navarro doesn't spit little bits of food from his mouth while chewing/yelling at the Chinese, can somehow stop himself from engaging in racist "Chinese-sounding" sing-song words in a fit of temper, and can last the whole meal without screaming that China is "MURDERING US ALL!" we will consider the meeting something of a surprise victory. That said, any hopes of a trade deal with China are now utterly fucked.

China trade hawk Navarro is attending the Trump-Xi dinner, source says [CNBC]



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