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Trump White House Resorts To Torture In Hopes Of Stopping GM Layoffs

This is getting very dark, very quickly.

Did Mary Barra really think she could just lay so many people off in Trump's America and walk away unpunished?

Poor Mary Barra. Slow death by unctuous smarm is the worst way to die...


Dream Team 2

White House Seeks To Quell Trade Fears By Putting Three Different Types Of Grating Old White Guys On CNBC

"Kuddley," "Sleepy" and "Crazy" did not perform as well as the White House might have hoped.


Larry Kudlow Explains To CNBC That Trump's Comments On The Fed Are Totally Fine If You Just Ignore Them Like Larry Does

"Listen, Jimmy and Carl, you just put your fingers in your earholes like so, and then hum really loud until your brain fills with sound..."