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BNP Paribas Executive Offers Pepé Le Pew Defense In Sexual Discrimination Trial

"Oh, mon cheri, how can you be mad when you are my 'Princess'?"

In case you were wondering, gender bias and workplace harassment in European finance is as obtuse and lame as you thought it was...


A BNP Paribas SA banker who called his female colleague a “princess” said he meant it humorously and in a friendly manner, and he didn’t undervalue her work because she was a woman.
Regis Pecheux, the bank’s head of corporate sales for central and eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, said in a London court Thursday that he’d used the term about his colleague Angelina Georgievska “jokingly.” Pecheux, who was Georgievska’s boss, also referred to her as “choupette.”

See? It's flirty and fun with a wacky romantic misunderstanding thrown in,. Like a skunk who loves a cat with paint on her back...

“I certainly did not consider it belittling at the time,” he said of making the “princess” comment when Georgievska wasn’t around. “It was meant more in a friendly manner.”

Oui oui! What's belittling about "Princess"? It's like a Wes Anderson movie up in that bank...

Pecheux called her a “princess” when she wasn’t in the room, one of her co-workers told the tribunal last week. Georgievska found the term “very offensive and undermining” when she found out, she said in court filings.
Georgievska started her working days later than others, Pecheux said in his testimony, and he used the word to mean “somebody who’s above the general crowd” and therefore can “afford to arrive later” than others. “I was asking, where is our princess today?” he said.
Pecheux was “irritated” with Georgievska’s behavior, and “did not express myself properly or appropriately which I regret,” he said in his witness statement.

Oh, he meant "Princess" as in "Lazy woman who thinks she's better than a man."

Those wacky Gauls.

BNP Banker Who Called Colleague a ‘Princess’ Says He Was Joking [Bloomberg]



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