Bonus Watch '18: RBC I-Bankers Are Letting The Surpassing Of Low Expectations Feel Like A Win

We call this a "Canadian Brag."

Looks like the red and black flannel-clad analysts up the Northern Territories are 'bout to afford more poutine than they budgeted for this Christmas, eh?


From a tipster:

VP1 yr in an IB coverage group at RBC (non-NY US based) coming out with $450 all-in. $250 VP1 base. Meaningful increase in % bonus deferred, now starting at (30% of) >$100 vs yr ago, starting at >$150. So I got a bit dinged there but overall, the Royal Canadian didn't upset despite the street's lackluster reaction to a good yr.

True enough. And that feels almosts cravenly braggadocio for Canadians.

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