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Is The NFL Really Looking "Everywhere" To Fill Its Dearth Of Talent At Quarterback?

Based on who's playing quarterback in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick is going to have a successful court.

The NFL season began on September 6, and during the course of a season, there always are roster moves, as teams need to replace injured players, or just seek upgrades over ineffective ones.

NFL Fading

This is the highest level of football, so maximizing the talent level is always of paramount importance. As even a casual observer knows, there is no more important position than quarterback. So, since the start of the season, what kind of moves have happened with signal callers around the NFL?

We’ll just look at the quarterbacks teams have added since the season began. Active roster only, nothing like the Saints signing J.T. Barrett to their practice squad on eight separate occasions.

Sept. 25: Titans signed Austin Davis.

Sept. 26: 49ers added Nick Mullens off their practice squad.

Oct. 9: Bills signed Derek Anderson.

Oct. 16: 49ers signed Tom Savage.

Oct. 24: 49ers signed Tom Savage, having released him on Oct. 21.

Oct. 31: Jaguars signed Landry Jones.

Oct. 31: Bills signed Matt Barkley.

Nov. 10: Jets added Davis Webb off their practice squad.

Nov. 19: Washington signed Mark Sanchez, yes, that Mark Sanchez, the butt fumble guy.

Nov. 21: Bears added Tyler Bray off their practice squad.

Nov. 24: Cardinals added Chad Kanoff off their practice squad.

Nov. 26: Bengals claimed Tom Savage off waivers from 49ers.

Dec. 5: Washington signed Josh Johnson.

Thursday: Panthers added Kyle Allen off their practice squad.

Okay, there is one signing to a practice squad that also needs to be mentioned: Nathan Peterman, who joined the Raiders on Wednesday because football genius Jon Gruden wants to “see if we can’t restart him and get him going.”

Peterman, in eight career NFL games, including four starts, has thrown 130 passes, with three touchdowns and 12 interceptions. This does not include his work for the Bills in last year’s playoffs, which would be 1-for-3 for 14 yards and another interception. Peterman’s career quarterback rating is 32.5. For comparison’s sake, the three quarterbacks used by the winless 2017 Cleveland Browns combined for a quarterback rating of 61.4, while the only quarterback to start an NFL game this season and post a lower rating than Peterman is… Sanchez, because who could’ve guessed that a guy who stunk for the Jets in 2012 would really stink after having played in a total of 15 games over the interceding six years?

Colin Kaepernick’s collusion grievance is going to move forward early in the new year. The hardest part of his case might be deciding whether Exhibit A should be Savage getting jobs with multiple teams in the same season, Sanchez, or Peterman.


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