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Larry Kudlow Being Totally Wrong All The Time Is The Only Safe Market Indicator We Have Left

Short Kuddles, get paid.

After being wrong about just how much cocaine one can do and stay employed at mid-90s Bear Stearns, being wrong about the effect of the Clinton-era tax increases, consciously deciding to spend time with Jim Cramer on a daily basis, being wrong about the 2008 recession, and then being even more wrong about Trump turning into a free-trader, Larry Kudlow has also spent much of his most recent White House gig being consistently wrong about almost everything that comes out of his mouth in a public setting.


In fact, when you look at the increased consistency and speed at which Kuddles has been proven wrong since he joined up with the Trump Administration earlier this year, it's hard to fathom that this whole thing isn't a setup. We assumed that the galaxy's "Let's Undermine Kudlow in Real Time" routine had peaked last week when Trump started tweeting shit at GM CEO Mary Barra mere seconds after Kuddles told the White House press that the White House would not interfere with GM's announced layoffs because of like, capitalism or whatever.

But you know what happens when you assume right? You end up looking like Larry Kudlow.

Kuddles went home to his spot in front of a CNBC camera this morning to have this exchange with the network's resident 'roid-swallowing lawn ornament, Jim Cramer:

JIM CRAMER: Okay. I think when I read this number, I think the President made a good case to say, “Hey, listen, let’s let it play out. Let’s have all these people be employed.” Do you think it is right that an elected official, the president, makes those statements? Because they turned out to be right.

LARRY KUDLOW: The guy’s a good forecaster, and I don’t have any problem with it. I think a lot of things are coming home. I’m reading all these Fed officials are now saying that the inflation rate is actually coming down a bit. The economy is growing, the supply side tax cuts and deregulation is working. There’s capital deepening, which is great for productivity and real wages. Sounds to me like the Fed’s spokespeople are signaling maybe one more rate hike in December, later this month, and maybe no more for quite some time. Or maybe they won’t move this month. But again, the president, as I said a million times, he has a lot of experience as a businessman and investor, so he knows his stuff.

That's some pretty bullish stuff at the end of a hellish week for Kuddles' old pal "Mr. Market." Hey, people need to hear some optimism in the midst of this bloodbath and all of this silly fear must be quelled.

Now, show us on today's DJIA chart where you think people heard Larry Kudlow:

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.00.01 PM

Say what you will about this crazy trading environment, but never tell us that you can't make a fortune shorting Larry Kudlow.

Trump is a 'good forecaster' — Kudlow sees vindication for the president on Fed rate criticism [CNBC]



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