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Market Plunges In Shock After Jay Powell Does Exactly What He Said He Was Going To Do

Guess who isn't a cuck anymore...

Happy Holidays from your daddy, Jerome Powell.

Screen Shot 2018-12-19 at 4.55.43 PM

He played you fools, and he's going to spend 2019 playing you even harder.

Sweet dreams, losers.



Jay Powell Is Janet Yellen's Trap Queen

Jay-net Powell is not some trifling side piece.


Jay Powell Is A Cuck

By using logic and reasoning, Jay Powell played hisself.


BigMouth Jay Powell Is Not President-Elect Dimon's First Choice For Fed Chair

Sorry, Jay, you're just not a fit with the next administration.

Jay Powell Not A Cuck

Powell To Trump: Get Off My F'ing Lawn, Donald

The Fed Chair is apparently finally done ironing his big boy pants.


Jim Cramer Wants To Be Fed Chair

The Mad One is now openly applying to be Donald Trump's central banker.

Wall Street Intervention

Markets Pump Higher After Big Miss On Jobs Number Because Wall Street Is Addicted To Cheap Money

Listen, investors aren't proud about they would do to cop a rate cut in June, but they're on their knees and everything is on the table