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Opening Bell 12.14.18

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Keep Apple Weird [The Water Coolest]

Apple has taken a bit more of a *ahem* humble approach to its expansion plans than that of Amazon. To little fanfare, Apple has announced plans to build a $1B campus in Austin, Texas and promises to create as many as 15k jobs.

The maker of the Newton PDA will also build out new space in San Diego (which of course, we all know was discovered by the Germans in 1904) Seattle and Culver City, CA. Each of those locales can expect upwards of 1k jobs.

Despite Apple getting bent over a proverbial barrel and being show the 50 states on its way to losing more than 25% of its share value since October, Tim Cook was quick to rattle Jeff Bezos' cage by vowing not to engage in a "beauty contest."

Major tech companies have come under pressure to prove their economic value to the home of free markets and apple pie under the current administration.

Apple Plans Billion-Dollar Austin Campus in Wave of New Sites [WSJ]

Farmville [The Water Coolest]

The Senate has approved an $867B farm bill that received overwhelming support from the House just a day prior. Shares of Tractor Supply rose yesterday. Coincidence? I think not.

The bill should help offset the steep declines in agriculture commodity prices as a result of the trade war with China. Although the price of the bill is nearly $1T, it will not add to the deficit. That kind of accounting would make Arthur Anderson proud. Several farming programs that were previously on a temporarily funded basis will now receive permanent funding.

It was initially a concern that there would be cuts to food stamps, but that was axed from the final version of the bill. Critics of the bill are upset that it expands loopholes of farm subsidies to more more-distant relatives (cousins, nieces, nephew, sister-wives etc.) of farmers.

Congress just passed an $867 billion farm bill. Here’s what’s in it. [WaPo]

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