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Opening Bell 12.20.18

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Lawyer up [The Water Coolest]

Doesn't the EU know better than to f*ck with someone that has got nothing to lose? Deutsche Bank along with three other financial institutions have been ordered to prepare defenses against accusations that they colluded to manipulate a multi-trillion dollar government backed bond market. In all likelihood DB's "defense" will consist of three crumbled Euros and a half eaten Schnitzel in a paper bag.

Major Banks Suspected of Collusion in Bond-Rigging Probe [WSJ]

@JackedUp [The Water Coolest]

Twitter haters gonna hate. Citron Research, a notable short-seller, reacted to an Amnesty International report that called the platform a "toxic place for women" and noted that 7.1% of tweets sent to politicians and journalists were abusive or at the very least full of haterade. Citron called Twitter the Harvey Weinstein of social media ... which presumably makes Facebook the Bill Cosby of social media.

Twitter is the ‘Harvey Weinstein of social media,’ short seller says [MarketWatch]

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Opening Bell 11.16.18

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