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Opening Bell 12.28.18

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JCPenney stock [The Water Coolest]

Life is bleak for some of the biggest retailers of 2000's back to school shopping. JCPenney is truly living up to its name as shares of the struggling department store dropped to 97 cents during trading Thursday.

Despite a boon from holiday sales, the magic of old St. Nick doesn’t appear to be enough to increase year-end sales forecasts. The stock has dropped 30% since November.

It could be worse ...

... they could be Sears. At the time of writing, Sears is on its death bed and could be joining Jeffery the Giraffe in the brick and mortar graveyard as early as ... last night.

Aside from a bid by certifiably bat-sh*t Chairman Eddie Lampert there has been no interest in saving the iconic American company.

Why it gotta be like that?

Both companies suffer from similar shortcomings: they weren't able to get ahead of retail trends and lost boatloads of market share to Amazon, Walmart, and the like.

JCPenney stock is now 97 cents a share [CNN]

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