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Opening Bell 12.31.18

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Miss (& Mr.) Independent [The Water Coolest]

Apparently John McAfee was otherwise engaged.

So, Tesla settled for tech luminary and Elon's BFF, Larry Ellison, to fill one of its two open independent director roles. The founder of Oracle will join Kathleen Wilson-Thompson, the global head of HR at Walgreen's.

This is of course related to Tesla's run in with Johnny Law. In case you've been living under a rock, Musk's "funding secured" tweet which claimed that he would take Tesla private at $420 per share (despite not having funding lined up) caught the attention of the feds.

You see, the windbreakers down at the SEC take this kinda stuff seriously. They fined Elon and Tesla, removed Musk as chairman of the board and required two new "independent" board of directors.

Meet Larry Ellison, proponent of Musk and Tesla shareholder, who will become one of ten "independent" directors ... joining the likes of Musk's brother Kimbal, and other people who kiss the ground that Elon walks on.

Tesla Adds Larry Ellison to Board of Directors, Fulfilling SEC Requirement [CNN]

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"Compared to Larry, Elon is kind of humble and sweet" people will say.