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Paul Tudor Jones Is Bullish AND Bearish Because It's 2018 And Markets Are Non-Binary, Man

The guy just loves animals, okay?

It appears that the stock market has finally succumbed to the omni-persistent chaos of this bleakly batshit moment in human history.


Like everything else, equities are reflecting a notionally negative sense that the world is too confusing what with a growing majority of global leaders acting unmedicated. It's very hard to feel certain about anything, so almost no one tying themselves down to anything or even trying to divine meaning from the madness.

Almost no one...

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones says the stock market's wild ride will continue in 2019.

Oh...but of course. And what bold call is the former boldest man on Wall Street making in this Upside Down?

"I think we're going to see a lot more of what we just saw, which is a lot more volatility," Jones told CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin in a "Squawk Box" interview on Monday. "It's really easy to say 'I'm really bullish' or 'I'm really bearish.' I kind of see a two-sided market."
"I think in the next year it will be, from where we are today, ... at least 10 percent down and 10 percent up; maybe 15 percent either way from where we are right now," Jones said.

What? Your cis mind can't comprehend that PTJ is both things at once? Your mind isn't yet open enough to accept that he's bearish and bullish at the same time? Well, accept it, you basic bitches, because that's what's up. When you've done what PTJ has done you don't need to subject yourself to the binary confines of "Up" or "Down" when discussing a financial mechanism that is by definition strictly binary. He does what he wants now, and that means going on TV to talk about volatility, debt bubbles and Jeff Bezos, then basically tell everyone that his long-term outlook is "Everything at once!"

And in case you were wondering, PTJ's preferred pronoun is just a guttural growl somewhere between a roar and a moo.

Paul Tudor Jones sees more volatility, says stocks will drop as much as 15% before rebounding [CNBC]



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