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As A New Year Dawns, Tesla Remains A Drama Company That Sometimes Makes A Few Cars

If Tesla still can't make enough cars, why was Elon acting so performatively crazy in 2018?

Ah, the beginning of January. With the calendar pages turning over, we all feel the cool blast of possibility as a new year presents the opportunity for a fresh start, a shot at making our world better by making ourselves a little bit better. Looking back at past mistakes and making a concerted effort to not repeat them going forward is what New Year's is all about! So who's with us in making 2019 the best it can be?!


Maybe you're a hedge fund manager who lost everyone money in 2018 despite the rising rate environment and batshit volatility that hedgies have been begging to see for almost a decade. Maybe you're a megabank that spent most of the last few months fending off a messy bevy of bad, bad and worse stories in the press that are entirely your fault. Perhaps you're a now-former GOP member of Congress who's ready to run into the nearest WaPo bureau and spill the beans on the miasma of total confusion that no blankets The Beltway. Or maybe you're just Tesla...

Tesla disappointed investors Wednesday, announcing that it delivered 90,700 vehicles during the fourth quarter — short of Wall Street forecasts despite its efforts to ramp up production.
Tesla said it boosted production during the quarter, churning out 86,500 vehicles, up from 80,142 during the third quarter.

And here we thought that Tesla's 2018 theme of "Elon Is Too Crazy To Talk About Cars" was just a cover for the company to figure out the secrets of big boy car production. After all that hot messy drama, are we still talking about how Tesla can't make enough cars? There has to be a second story here...

The company also announced that it’s cutting prices on all of its models by $2,000 to help offset a reduction in federal tax credits for drivers who buy electric vehicles. The fourth quarter marked an end to a $7,500 federal tax credit that Tesla had been able to use to lure buyers. That was cut in half to $3,750 starting Jan. 1.

Oh, so Tesla has figured out how to fix its production woes.

Welcome to Tesla's 2019 theme "Ask Us About Our New Factories In China."

Tesla misses Wall Street estimates with 90,700 vehicle deliveries in fourth quarter, shares tumble [CNBC]



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