Eddie Lampert Is Too Selfish A Lover To Let Sears Die In Peace

Sears would be good and dead if Eddie Lamps wasn't such a stage 5 clinger.

Sears is dead. It has been dead for a while and it will remain dead. Any hope of life is beyond logic and anyone praying for Sears to survive is only engaging self-harm. The most important stage of grief is acceptance and everyone who claims to have loved Sears should do their mourning and then go by Amazon shares at the top like a normal, living person. It's time to live in the light. Sears is dead.


Anyone trying to pretend that this is not the reality we live in now should be locked away for psychological observation...

Eddie Lampert’s ESL Investments hedge fund is planning to submit a new, higher bid to keep Sears Holdings Corp. in business.
Advisers for the hedge fund are drafting a bid that would satisfy conditions set in U.S. bankruptcy court on Tuesday, said a person with knowledge of the matter.
ESL is planning to disclose its intentions in a regulatory filing, said the person, who wasn’t authorized to comment publicly. ESL faces a court deadline later today to submit its revised offer. Representatives for Sears Holdings declined to comment.

Sears is dead.

Lampert Is Said to Ready New, Higher Bid to Keep Sears Operating [Bloomberg]