Ken Griffin doesn’t live in New York. He also doesn’t live in Miami, Palm Beach or London. Still, he now owns (or owned) the most expensive residence in the first three of those places (as well as his actual hometown, Chicago), and one of the most expensive residences in the fourth.

You might question why a person who lives in Chicago needs to own more than a half-billion dollars in homes that he’ll spend a couple of weeks at a year at most, but then, fuck you, Ken Griffin made $1.4 billion in 2017 alone. Still, you’d think $200 million on Central Park South would buy more than enough creature comforts for the occasional visit to Manhattan, in addition to buying the most expensive residence in U.S. history (sorry, Barry Rosenstein). But you would be wrong. For Ken Griffin requires 20% more than that. And just look what he gets for it:

Billionaire Ken Griffin, who is becoming almost as known for his prodigious purchases as he is for his investment acumen, has closed on a New York penthouse for roughly $238 million. The deal sets a record for the highest-priced home ever sold in the U.S….

The apartment spans roughly 24,000 square feet, and is being delivered unfurnished as a white box, according to a person familiar with the deal.

That’s right: Ken Griffin bought a $238 million apartment as an opportunity to spend even more money on real estate. Congratulations.

Billionaire Ken Griffin Buys America’s Most Expensive Home for $238 Million [WSJ]