If You Had "Gary Cohn: Harvard Professor" On Your Apocalypse Bingo Board, Grab A Pencil

Rumor has it that The Big Grundle is headed to Cambridge.

Per the rumor mill, there might be a pretty sweet course offering at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government this year.


We are hearing that our old pal and former Goldman Sachs president turned Trump economy guy Gary Cohn will be educating Harvardians on a grundle-to-face basis this coming fall. The big guy's newest reinvention is rumored to come courtesy of a class that he will teach alongside soon-to-be-former US Senator Heidi Heitkamp. While we're thin on what exactly the course will be about or called, but we have it on good authority from one Gary Cohn insider that it will be happening and one Kennedy School insider that it will be about "bipartisanship and economic policy or something like that."

The notion of "Gary Cohn: Harvard Professor" is admittedly pretty trippy, but the idea that Gary and Heitkamp would be working together in post-DC life is not so farfetched. Heitkamp was a rare self-professed Democratic fan of The Big Grundle during their short time overlapping inside The Beltway, and she even went as far as to publicize that she and Gary sat down together for chats about policy.

And if you're still unconvinced that this might be a real thing, we would point you to the old adage 'Those who can't, teach.'

We're eager to hear more about this rumor and what Gary looks like in an academic setting [Harvard declined to comment at this time], but the idea that Gary Cohn will spend time as an educator at the most prestigious public policy school in the land makes us infinitely hopeful for the absurdist comedic possibilities of 2019.