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Jamie Dimon Acts Very Presidential While Announcing Worst JPMorgan Quarter In Years

He's definitely not not running.
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So, JPMorgan had a very rare and rather big miss on EPS in the fourth quarter of 2018 ($1.98 vs forecasted $2.21) with some revenue issues in trading and some spending issues in expenses. The bank also surprised many by raising its credit loss reserves $250 million more than expected. It was JPM's first analyst miss in 15 quarters.

But who cares? Jamie Dimon got political, you guys!

The 46th President of these United States indicated rather strong opposition to the long-term economic effects of the current and ongoing government shutdown. Jamie even went as far as to set aside a little space in his statement to tell Congress and the White House that it's time to grow the fuck up and get this thing open.

As we head into 2019, we urge our country’s leaders to strike a collaborative, constructive tone, which would reinforce already-strong consumer and business sentiment. Businesses, government and communities need to work together to solve problems and help strengthen the economy for the benefit of everyone.

Do we even need to say it?

[He's running.]



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