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Larry Ellison Joins Tesla Board As Elon Musk Positions Himself To Appear More Likable By Comparison

"Compared to Larry, Elon is kind of humble and sweet" people will say.

If you're a controversial industrialist billionaire playboy who likes salty tweets and pissing off the SEC, you might have a likability problem. People generally don't cotton to wealthy arrogant celebrities who make a point of being both victor and victim, it's a personality type that can often torpedos its possessor in the long term, and it is very difficult to hide...unless...

Tesla Bubble

Larry Ellison holds a more than $1bn stake in Tesla, an regulatory filing has confirmed less than a fortnight after the billionaire Oracle founder was appointed to the board of the electric car maker.

So Elon Musk is still a genius.

There are but a handful of people in the world who can make Elon look humble, shy and lovely by comparison. Larry Ellison is one of those people, and he's giving Elon $1 billion for the privilege to help in this likability crusade.

During an analyst meeting in October, Mr. Ellison said Tesla was his second-largest investment, without giving further detail, and described himself as a “close friend” of Mr Musk. He had been critical of the media’s treatment towards Mr Musk, who last year also courted controversy by smoking marijuana during a live internet radio show and for comments aimed at a British diver during the Thailand cave rescue.

Help your bro, Lar! As a newly-minted Tesla board member you can do what Elon needs most: Next time Musky does something indefensibly douchey, you find the nearest news outlet and offer up "Elon's not an asshole. You want to see an asshole? I will show you an asshole!"

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