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Mooch To Trump: Change Everything About Yourself And Watch Stocks MAGA

Be nicer, make nice with China and keep shredding regs and you will be rewarded, Mr. President.
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Local hero and purveyor of, uh, some quality level of meats Anthony Scaramucci is back in, uh, whatever kind of business it is that he does these days. This is because his last job didn’t exactly work out as planned, and that was because, as Scaramucci himself admits, he’s not exactly cut out for politics. Do not think, however, that if he were better at the whole Washington scene that he wouldn’t be able to fix this whole mess in a minute. Now if only Steve Mnuchin would just take his calls, we would all be able to calm down and enjoy the ride.


Scaramucci, who spent a fleeting stretch as President Donald Trump’s communications director, said he’s optimistic about the outlook for the stock market in 2019 but thinks there are at least three things the 45th president can do to stabilize markets….

Resolve the trade dispute with China and Europe.
Continue to deregulate markets.
Better control the media message.

Right. Easy. All he has to do is keep appointing the likes of Brett Kavanaugh to the courts and become a completely different person.

“The overhang and the bellicosity of the rhetoric has jarred people and has altered market psychology,” in Scaramucci’s view….

One key message Scaramucci has for Trump, whose prolific tweets have become a key feature of his presidency, is to adopt a tone of “more optimism and less anxiety” on social media.

As for Trump’s frayed relations with the traditional media, said Scaramucci: “His war with the media is absolutely asinine.”

If only POTUS still had a communications director that knew how to handle the media.

Scaramucci — the ex-White House staffer — says these are the three things Trump needs to do to boost the stock market [MarketWatch]


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