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New Study Shows That You Are Probably High On Drugs At Your Desk Right Now

We thought it was just us.

Are you at work right now, back from an extended break and feeling a bit foggy as you attempt to re-engage with your professional life?

Stoner Traders

Well, according to science, you probably shouldn't have gotten stoned before you went into work, stupid...

Drug use by the U.S. workforce increased each year -- and by double-digits over two years -- between 2015 and 2017, in five of 16 major U.S. industry sectors analyzed, according to a first-ever analysis of industry-specific data from more than ten million urine drug test results performed by Quest Diagnostics, the world's leading provider of diagnostic information services.

According to Quest, most of the positive drug test results are for marijuana (duh) with meth and cocaine coming in towards the top of the league tables. And they even broke it down by sector:

The data from the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index™ industry analysis show that the Retail Trade (5.3%), Health Care and Social Assistance (4.7%), and Real Estate Rental and Leasing (4.6%) sectors had the highest overall positivity rates in 2017, while the Utilities (2.8%) and Finance and Insurance (2.6%) sectors had the lowest rates.

Don't get too comfy Wall Streeters, because the odds that you and your colleagues are looking at your Bloomberg terminals through addled eyes is growing fast...

Five sectors experienced year-over-year increases with a double-digit increase in their positivity rates between 2015 and 2017: Transportation and Warehousing (21.4%); Other Services (Except Public Administration) (15.4%); Finance and Insurance (13%); Retail Trade (12.8%); and Wholesale Trade (11.8%).

Good for you, finance sector. Our culture is entering a brave new era of drug use and we look forward to hearing all about how cannabis edibles can take the edge off of speedballs snorted at the opening bell. Here's to getting higher in 2019!

Workforce Drug Positivity Rises by Double-Digits in Almost One-Third of U.S. Industry Sectors Examined, According to New Quest Diagnostics Analysis [Quest Diagnostics]


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