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If we've learned anything about Bridgewater, it's that Bridgewater is totally not a cult.

If we've learned anything else about Bridgewater, it's that office romances are kind of dangerous since everyone is being totally honest with each other about everything while working incredibly long hours in an office in the literal forest...because Bridgewater is not a cult.

It wasn't cool when Bridgewater superiors were hitting on subordinates who complained, and then had their complaints recorded, and it wasn't cool when it came out that Greg Jensen allegedly got carte blanche to do whatever with whomever for a few years. So you'll understand if Ray Dalio and his team are a little skittish when they hear that people be banging at the office again:

Bridgewater Associates, the $160 billion investment firm headed by Ray Dalio, fired a senior manager over how an office romance was handled, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Bridgewater claimed Bob Elliott, who was head of foreign-exchange research, didn’t properly disclose the relationship, the people said. Elliott told superiors about the relationship with a female colleague and believes he was dismissed without cause, one of the people said. The woman, who was at the firm for three years and didn’t report to Elliott, also was fired.

The reporting here is pretty thin, leaving too much to the fervid imagination of Bridgewater STANs like ourselves, but it is another piece of evidence that the adherents of "Principles" should stop hooking up in the Westport woods...or like go into the literal woods. Like behind a tree or something.

Bridgewater Fired Forex Research Chief Over Office Romance [Bloomberg]


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