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Since the 1MDB scandal broke, Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has been reassuring his little Elect with his best calming Walter Sobchak voice. “Nothing is fucked, here, dudes. We did everything we could to keep this guy from peeing on our rug. Nothing is fucked. That poor partner—that poor slut—laundered that money himself! They’re a bunch of fucking amateurs!”

DJ D-Sol may need to cut a new soothing voicemail track.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc said losses related to ongoing lawsuits could possibly exceed its reserve for legal matters by up to $1.9 billion.

The amount disclosed in the filing is considered as a separate accounting item from legal reserves, and covers all matters considered “reasonably possible”, the bank said….

The bank added $844 million to its legal and regulatory provisions last year, more than four times what it set aside in 2017

Goldman says legal losses could be up to $1.9 billion more than reserves [Reuters]



Goldman Sachs Urges Elect To Vote, But Not Before It Squares This Nasty 1MDB Business Away

Luckily for David Solomon, Bill Barr is super-busy destroying democracy these days.

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(Taking Back) Bonus(es) Watch: Current, Former Goldman Sachs CEOs

$5.1 billion in fines demands a $174 million decrease in the comfort of millionaires.

Brian Moynihan/Getty Images

Bonus Watch ’20: BriMoy Backtracks, Still Stiffing Rainmakers

And David Solomon & co. are still paying for the sins of others.

Goldman Sachs Dress Code

Goldman Spending Heavily On Regulatory Fines, Becoming A Different Bank Entirely

DJ D-Sol is spinning some sad tunes up on 12 if you’d like to commiserate.


Goldman Said Sorry, Doesn’t Think It Should Have To Also Say ‘Guilty’

Also, isn’t a $2 billion fine for ripping a country off of $6.5 billion sort of excessive, when you think about it, Attorney General Barr?

Shouldn't even be looking at this logo.

Making 1MDB Go Away Is Gonna Hurt Goldman Bad

It’s not the $2 billion. It’s the “we were wrong, we’re sorry” part.


David Solomon’s Honeymoon Comes To Abrupt End

Could this ex-partner’s guilty plea not have come, say, a month and a day ago?