Eddie Lampert’s a pretty weird guy, which is pretty much all the explanation you need for why, exactly, he’s still clinging desperately to Sears. And now that the dying retailer is all his, here’s what he’s gonna do with it: He’s gonna close some of the 425 stores he just bought, and make the rest of them smaller. He’s gonna turn those stores into smaller Home Depots that also sell a few shirts (but not too many shirts). He’s gonna give people Sears loyalty points for using Uber. He’s gonna ask the suppliers he owes a bunch of money to “take a more constructive approach.” Oh yea, he’s not gonna be CEO anymore. And when he’s finished, you’re all gonna be clamoring for a piece of the small, beautiful, relevant thing he’s built on the ashes.

“If I am a betting person, which I am, I would say at some point we would be public again,” Mr. Lampert said.

Eddie Lampert’s Plan for Sears: Smaller Stores, Less Apparel [WSJ]