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What's one of the largest companies in the world to do when the going gets tough in the hardware space? Draw up some cockamamie scheme to bamboozle its news partners, of course.

Apple has hinted that it would create a subscription-only tier of its popular Apple News app (because apparently, all the cool kids are doing it) which would allow unfettered access to partner's paywalled content. And now sources tell the WSJ that Tim Cook plans to sell the services for approximately $10 per month ... and keep roughly half of the revenue.

As for the other half? That will be divided amongst publishers based on the amount of time spent viewing their respective content. 

Mr. Publisher, tear down that paywall

If you think Timmy iPhones gives even half a f*ck about publications offering their own subscriptions, you'd be dead wrong. In his pursuit of the "Netflix of news," Cook plans to steamroll the NYT's $15 per month subscription fee and the WSJ's $39 monthly price tag.

Unsurprisingly, Apple's publishing partners are pushing back and have yet to sign on which comes as little surprise considering the outlet's razor-thin margins.

Help a brother out

Apple sees this as a remedy to more than one of its recent ailments, most notably plummeting iPhone sales which fell 15% last quarter. The company's growing service segment currently boasts 360M subscriptions across all devices, with aggressive plans to hit 500M by 2020.

Publishers Chafe at Apple’s Terms for Subscription News Service [WSJ]


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