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We've been subtle about it, but it's our opinion that Steve Mnuchin was not very prepared to run the Treasury Department, and with that in mind we have always held out hope that the government cog most vital to our economy would staff itself up in a way that it could insulate itself from the leadership of our favorite warlock.

Well, we now have some bad news on that front:

President Donald Trump's Treasury Department is increasingly short-handed these days.

The massive agency, which oversees everything from the nation’s debt to international sanctions, is supposed to have 16 top officials in the core of the department who have been vetted by the Senate. It could soon have as few as six.

Oh, that's fun.

The international affairs division — which conducts negotiations with other countries, polices foreign investment for potential national security risks and represents the U.S. on the world stage — soon might not have a single Senate-confirmed official.

David Malpass, who heads that division as undersecretary of international affairs, was tapped last week by Trump to be the next president of the World Bank.

That's how bad it is over at Treasury; losing David Malpass - one of the most laughably bad economists on offer in America - is considered brain drain there.

And when it comes to how Mnuchin runs things at Treasury, the lack of competent staff is a feature, not a bug:

Behind the move toward the exits: burnout, a lack of nominees from the White House, an increasingly lengthy and arduous Senate confirmation process and a Treasury chief, Steven Mnuchin, who prefers having a lean staff.

The administration has been complaining for some time that it can't get its Treasury nominees confirmed, but the argument can also be made that it keeps nominating people chest-deep in financial conflicts. Then there's also the fact that no one seems to want to work with Steve Mnuchin...and Steve Mnuchin doesn't want to work with anyone. But, hey, maybe our pal Steve will do what many in his position do and bring in his closest friends to help. 

Maybe he'll bring his best friend...unless he's too busy at the moment.

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