Bonus Watch '19: Carnage At The Stagecoach - Dealbreaker

It appears that bonuses are being handed out at Wells Fargo, and judging from our email inbox, America's least-trusted bank is now pretty widely hated by the people who still work there. 

According to one tipster, "Wells Fargo bonuses released today. Associates and up. Down 30% across the board. Even hurting stub associates."

Says a second, "Bonuses announced here at WF. They are screwing us almost as bad as our clients. 30% drop. Morale in the shitter."

And yet a third puts it even more stark picture. "Absolute bonus carnage over here at the Stagecoach. Down 10-30% based on seniority. People shocked to see they also skimmed the new associates as well."

We'd usually make a joke here but this is too dark even for us.