We get that the crypto scene is essentially predicated on the idea that nerdy code jockeys can make gobs of money and then run away to a tropical tax haven where they can live out their fantasy of acting like a wealthy sexy pirate by paying people to pretend that they're sexy and even remotely "pirate-like."

The king of this lifestyle is, of course, John McAfee. A literal household name of Tech 1.0. McAfee has rebranded as a drug and alcohol-fueled lifestyle guru of degenerate living. A cursory guide through McAfee's Twitter feed will teach you about gunplay, extremely free sexual freedom, medically-inadvisable consumption of liquor and barbiturates, the proper way to engage in coitus with a whale, and - of course - the future of cryptocurrency.

Somehow, McAfee's routine manages to come off as just self-aware and entertaining enough to not be utterly irredeemable. It's the platonic ideal of every crypto nerd trying to rebrand as a charming scoundrel living out loud.

But there are pitfalls to trying to be like John McAfee, just ask gambling online entrepreneur-turned-crypto evangelist Calvin Ayre, who announced today that tickets to his CoinGeek Conference in Toronto this May are now on sale. 

Crypto conferences are still [somehow] pretty legion, so it's good to have an edge, a personality if you will. And it appears that Ayre spent yesterday evening trying to remind everyone that he's a wild character living the life that all crypto billionaires yearn to taste:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10.05.28 AM

Rum and sex? Cool. But also, hmmm, those girls look young. And not like "Under 18" young so much as "How's 5th Grade going?" young. This is a creepy tweet, and the responses to it show that Ayre's followers - crypto guys, nonetheless - were less impressed than openly disgusted:

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 10.36.20 AM

But Ayre seems pretty married to the "Bad Boy in Paradise" character. So much so that he doubled and tripled down.

We like a douchey rebel as much as the next jerk, but this is too dark for us, and we would wager that even John McAfee thinks Ayer might be tempting fate here. And Ayre also seems to have badly misjudged the timing. Crypto is and will likely always be an outsider thing, but society is way more willing to accept disgusting behavior from someone when they're at the top. In case Ayre hasn't looked, Bitcoin's performance has been akin to a Boeing 737 Max 8, so when you tweet out videos of children in bikinis bouncing their asses for your tittilation, you should at least be actually rich enough to act that venally amoral.

Anyway, we hope everyone has a great time at CoingGeek Toronto 2019!


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