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Remember Spotify, nobody likes a snitch. 

The Swedish music streaming giant filed a complaint with the EU claiming that Apple is engaging in anticompetitive practices by charging exorbitant fees to application makers who want to accept payments in-app. Kazaa's younger sibling has also had it up to here with Apple playing Big Brother, controlling ad reach and communication with users.

Plus, according to the allegations, Apple's "Music" which competes directly with Spotify appears to get preferential treatment in the App Store in the same way that store-brands get premium shelf space in the supermarket. Which isn't surprising at all, because, why the f*ck wouldn't it?

What does Spotify want?

CEO Daniel Ek wants Apple to play nice in the sandbox. Of course, Apple designed, built and maintains the sandbox. The Spotify Chief's main focus is on ridding the Apple ecosystem of the "Apple tax" which allows the iPhone maker to keep 30% of all in-app revenue.

In his crusade for corporate equality, Ek even launched a website called ... which will assuredly get him stuffed in a locker at SXSW. The site outlines the atrocities that Apple has committed against capitalism.

Maybe he's got a point?

Spotify isn't the only company beefing with Apple, it's just the only one to do so publicly. Netflix, for example, avoids the "Apple tax" by sending subscribers outside of the app to pay. So what's the biggest barrier to entering this fight against Timmy iPhones and Apple?

Many of these companies need Apple more than Apple needs them. Distribution is key to apps success, and Apple is key to distribution. So, often times, it has been easier to pay the piper than ruffle feathers. If of course, Apple was a piper with feathers.

Plot twist: turns out this might be the key to Spotify's case. Regulators really, really dislike companies that wield unchecked power (see: Microsoft).

Spotify files a complaint against Apple with the European Commission over ‘Apple tax’ and restrictive rules [TechCrunch]


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