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It looks like the He Man Woman Haters Club is getting some new rules. Goldman Sachs is requiring managers to interview at least two diverse candidates for all open positions at the company in an effort to, well, create more diversity. The banking industry, and Goldman, in particular, the workforce skews heavily white, and male. The bank has set a goal of achieving a more balanced workforce that consists of 50% women by 2021, which basically means any white guys from non-target schools should start applying to Deutsche ...

Goldman Sachs Implements Its Own ‘Rooney Rule’ in Diversity Push  [WSJ]


- Zuck got absolutely stuffed in a locker yesterday

- Turns out Warner Bros. CEO is kind of a scumbag

- ESPN and UFC have signed a 7-year deal for streaming rights

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Shouldn't even be looking at this logo.

Opening Bell 2.22.19

And you thought people with AirPods were insufferable ...

Shouldn't even be looking at this logo.

Opening Bell 5.29.19

And you thought people with Chase Sapphire Reserve cards acted like elitist d-bags ...

Getty Images

Opening Bell 3.6.19

Self "regulation" at its finest ...


Opening Bell 03.23.20

He's getting paid how much?


Opening Bell 3.18.19

DB is the Mazda Miata of financial institutions ...


Opening Bell 2.7.19

Spotify wants to be more than Pandora for rich people