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The Securities and Exchange Commission is sick to death of all these whistleblower tips it’s been getting. Almost 5,300 vultures sent one in last year, hoping to profit from their employers’ pain. It’s revoltingly disloyal, as far as Jay Clayton & co. are concerned, and also a huge pain in the ass for them. So they’ve been toying with ways to make last year’s record number remain the all-time high for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, they’re not really helping themselves with news like this.

The agency granted $37 million to one whistleblower—the third-biggest individual whistleblower award granted by the SEC—and $13 million to the other…. One tipster received $50 million in March, and another received $39 million in September, according to the SEC.

Sure, the first two went to turncoats tattling on president-in-waiting Jamie Dimon’s company, and so fit within the “enemies of Donald Trump” exception to any deregulatory impulse. Still, $139 million in awards in the last seven months isn’t the best advertisement for the “leave us the fuck alone” policy.

SEC Grants $50 Million Award to Two JPMorgan Whistleblowers [WSJ]


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Whistleblowers Still Acting Like The SEC Cares

These people are not taking a hint.

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SEC Finally Doing Something That Works

Would-be whistleblowers are at last getting the message: Don’t.

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Jay Clayton Really Making Up For Three Years Of Procrastination

Gut shareholder democracy? Check. Put a crimp in whistleblowing? Check.

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Jay Clayton Making Sure Next SEC Chair Doesn’t Have To Pay As Much To Whistleblowers As He Has

He’s working hard to make life hard on tattletales right until the end.

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SEC To Offer Whistleblowers A Shiny Nickel

It’s also considering a proposal to give $100 gift cards to those who keep their mouths shut and the regulator’s afternoons free.

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Is Record Whistleblower Award A Lavish Reward Or Major Screw Job?

There’s no way to tell, which is just how Jay Clayton & co. like it.

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SEC Turns Previously-Shunned Whistleblower Program Into Handy Economic Stimulus

Jay Clayton & co. have injected $64 million and counting into the economy.