Where In The World Is Larry Kudlow?

The market is bleeding from the face and Kuddles is not on TV...are we all going to die?
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Look at this:

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 3.01.33 PM

And considering that we're well off the lows today, it could easily look a lot worse right now. So the question needs to be asked: Where the fuck is Larry Kudlow?

As we type, CNBC is just a bunch of other people saying facts and FoxBiz is shitting all over the AT&T/Time Warner merger impact [which seems dangerously on-brand today]. But neither has Kuddles doing a remote from the White House lawn nasally quasi-whining that Mr. Market is acting confused and tired.

Where is he?

Has Peter Navarro gotten his revenge and locked Larry in a closet near Stephen Miller's office? Does Jared have him stuck in a meeting about which white show law firm would hypothetically be best positioned to defend someone from a treason charge? Did the White House canteen serve rich French food for lunch? Did the Gary Cohn stuff finally spook Kuddles out of DC?

Where is Larry?!

Without Larry Kudlow's bullshit, the market has to rely on Steve Mnuchin moving his mouth like he's part manatee while pretending that he understands how money works. 

Where the fuck is Larry Kudlow?!?!?