Last week, Herman Cain told the world that negative criticism, negative attacks and the reservations about his qualifications on the part of “several senators” (four Republican senators, to be precise, but then again precision with numbers has never been Cain’s strong suit) would not prevent him from seeing his proposed nomination to the Federal Reserve come to its doomed end on the floor of those senators’ chamber. Apparently, however, something else has.

Unfortunately, Cain is keeping schtum about what beyond the prospect of being raked over the coals for his alleged, uh, freedom with the ladies to no good end is, in fact, behind this decision. Whatever it is, President Trump and Larry Kudlow now face the unenviable task of finding a similarly unqualified puppet without Cain’s baggage to draw fire from Stephen Moore. Maybe someone from the TV. Jim Cramer, perhaps?

Herman Cain Asks Trump Not to Nominate Him for Federal Reserve Board [WSJ]