"Free trade is like scurvy," says analogy that proves we are screwed.

White House chief economist and moonfaced boy Kevin Hassett went on Bloomberg TV to creepily smile his way through an interview about the Trump Administration's neverending prelude to multiple trade wars, and managed to do this:

Donald Trump’s top economist has a new analogy for those bemoaning the impacts of the administration’s trade wars: Just think of the U.S. economy as an 18th century warship battling a scurvy outbreak and Trump’s tariffs and other trade weapons as the bitter lemons needed to cure it.

No, hear him out...it's hilarious:

"If you have scurvy and you don’t get vitamin C, then you are going to die,” said Kevin Hassett, chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers. “But vitamin C might not always fix you. Maybe it does. So if I give you vitamin C did I increase uncertainty? You were certain you were going to die before, but now you’re not.”

We're not saying that his time in the Trump White House has put Kevin Hassett in the mindset of a man aboard an aimless ship surrounded by pirates who are so committed to a buccaneering lifestyle outside of society's norms that they would rather die a painful death than be forced to suck a lemon.

Kevin Hassett is saying it.

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