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A Heavily Bandaged Larry Kudlow Goes On TV To Brag About The Awesome Economy And Beg For Rate Cuts

Happy Friday!

What's left of White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow just went on Bloomberg TV and delivered a rather troubling performance.

What Kuddles said didn't shock or worry us - we expect him to bend logic into abstract forms that serve a narrative based entirely around maintaining the perception of market potency and Donald Trump's ego - what worries us is how Larry looks.

We're not being cruel or snarky here. Well, we are about the fact that Larry continues to yell into a camera about how The Fed needs to cut rates by 50bps immediately while simultaneously arguing that the economy is stronger than ever and The Fed can do what it wants. But when it comes to his appearance, we are genuinely concerned.

Kuddles usual nasal tone was not in evidence, his words were even a little slurry and his face looked wan. We know that Larry is still recovering from a recent heart attack, but he looked stronger to us early in that recovery process. And we couldn't help notice that he had bandages on at least two of his fingers:

Screen Shot 2019-04-05 at 9.45.20 AM

Again, Larry's health is his personal business, and even we don't want to cross a line here but...this is newsworthy. Especially considering that he went missing a few weeks back during the kind of market swoon that Trump goes apeshit over. 

Let's be honest, we've reached a point in this batshit presidency that we find ourselves relying on Larry Kudlow to be the adult in the room. That's pretty nuts in any other timeline, but it's just reality. The economic voices around Donald Trump are so far outside the mainstream that they give even the most conservative of you pause. Larry Kudlow is, amazingly, the bulwark of reason inside the White House. 

If Larry is not well, that's awful from a human perspective but equally bad for the US economy. Think about this: Who replaces Larry Kudlow at the NEC? Lou Dobbs? Eric? The "My Pillow" guy? Or worst of all, Pete Navarro?

We NEED Larry Kudlow, you guys. And looking at him today, slightly slumped and slurring as Jonathan Ferro took him to task over and over for contradicting himself...?

We are worried about Kuddles, and for once, we're not being dicks about it.



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