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We’re all living in 2019 while Lloyd's of London is out here living in 1879.

Calling the culture at Lloyd’s “lax” would be an understatement. FFS, Lloyd's in 2019 makes Stratton Oakmont circa 1994 look like a seminary. Drinking, cocaine use and unsurprisingly, sexual harassment, are rampant inside the London based insurance marketplace.

Following a scathing Bloomberg report that indicated multiple women had reported persistent harassment which included inappropriate touching and sexual assault, the company is cracking down. In addition to launching an anti-bullying and sexual harassment hotline, Lloyd's is doing the unthinkable …. barring staff who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol from entering the building. Wait, what?

This comes 2-years after then CEO Inga Beale (a female, for the record) banned drinking at the institution … from 9-5. Of course, that didn’t stop staffers from hitting the pub at 7 AM to catch a heavy buzz before business began.


WTF indeed. You see, Lloyd's ain’t your daddy’s insurance marketplace (for a bunch of reasons, actually). The company has been a boys clubs for more than 3 centuries and one employee reports that “If you don't take cocaine, people these days seem to think there's something wrong with you.” Getting rip-roaring drunk at a nearby pub during lunch is commonplace and becoming front-row wasted is made easier by an on-site bar (don’t worry it is getting converted to a coffee shop, now).

The potent cocktail of drugs and alcohol coupled with a male-dominated workforce has fostered a culture of discriminatory practices. How bad is it at Lloyd's? Well, its first female underwriter wasn’t admitted until 1970 … and she was forced to communicate with clients through a male agent. *cringe*

Lloyd's of London wants to end its drink-and-drugs culture: 'If you don't take cocaine, people these days seem to think there's something wrong with you' [Business Insider]


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