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What’s the perfect piece of clothing for when your arms are warm, your torso is cold, and you’re ready to move size? You guessed it: the Patagonia vest.

Brads, Chads, and wanna-be Wall Street bros everywhere may have to search for a new uniform as Patagonia announced that it is cracking down on placing corporate logos on its vests through its corporate sales program.

Patagonia updated its mission statement last year to ‘We’re in business to save our home planet.’ In line with that mission, the crunchy clothiers intend to do business with more B-Corp companies, which are businesses that meet certain environmental and social standards and are focused on building a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Don’t fret too much, as existing corporate customers will remain in its program and be able to order more branded gear. The company has not officially announced when these changes will go in place, but oil, mining, political organizations need not apply.

Silicon Valley, Wall Street set may need a new favorite uniform, as Patagonia shifts policy on its famous fleece  [CNBC]


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