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When it came to getting a seat on the Federal Reserve, Stephen Moore seemed to have it easy. Sure, he’s a totally unqualified partisan hack whose sole purpose it to undermine the independence of the central bank, but quite honestly the Senate’s not taking all that hard a look at White House nominees these days. Still, the Trump administration was taking no chances, quickly moving to distract from Moore’s manifest unsuitability by threatening to nominate an even more manifestly unsuitable person, someone so ridiculous that even a handful of Republican senators won’t vote for him, and someone to whom by comparison Moore looks like Milton Friedman.

It hasn’t entirely worked. Not being Herman Cain hasn’t stopped journalists from combing through Moore’s long record of saying things like “I’m not a big believer in democracy” and that the federal income tax is the “most evil act that has passed in 100 years,” which 100 years included things like the Nuremberg Laws and Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act banning interracial marriage, and that Medicaid is quite literally the “worst system possible we would come up with,” and that the very job he hopes to get shouldn’t exist, because the Federal Reserve shouldn’t exist, because, well, Moore’s also said that we should go back to the gold standard. Now, he had some trouble remembering this, since he said it all the way back in 2016—while campaigning for President Trump, no less—but Erin Burnett reminded him.

Moore said at the outset that “I don’t think I’ve ever really said anything much about the gold standard. I’m not in favor of the gold standard.

Interviewer Erin Burnett then cut to three video clips—one as recently as 2016—in which Moore voiced support for a gold standard.

“Yeah, I like the idea of going to gold standard and restoring value to our currency,” Moore said while campaigning in support of Trump in 2016.

In fairness, Moore can’t even remember to pay his taxes, and his ability to evolve on an issue settled by the Great Depression is itself great, except that he’s replaced it with an even stupider idea.

Moore responded to the videos by saying he thinks a gold standard “would be overly restrictive.” Instead he said he supports tying changes in U.S. interest rates to large basket of commodities that includes gold.

If this keeps up the president just might have to nominate Don Jr. and Baron to the Fed just to keep Moore’s candidacy alive. On the other hand, it’s a great way to own the libs, so maybe he won’t even have to.

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