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About three hours into a House Financial Services Committee hearing today, Steve Mnuchin got a bit antsy...and a lot pissy.

It turned out that Mnuchin had scheduled a meeting in his office at 5:30. The hearing started at 2pm and he alerted the committee that he had a hard out yesterday. Considering that Mnuchin is dealing with new leadership in The House -one that REALLY wants him to hand over Trump's tax returns- and that he is inherently someone who does not enjoy being told what to do by mere civil servants like members of Congress, shit got REAL between Mnooks and the committee chair, Maxine Waters.


That is a full-on tantrum by the Treasury Secretary in Congress.

We've always said that Steve Mnuchin is a rather imperfect person to serve as the head of the US Treasury, but this clip is a perfect example of why. It's not that he's dumb. He is, by all accounts, in possession of mediocre intelligence. It's that he's simply unfit to any capacity.

Steve Mnuchin has never been "of service" his life. He's a member of the elite's elite, a  fancy boy. Asking him to stay late at a Congressional hearing is an imposition. Take the moment that he whines about how the committee never treated Jack Lew like this, not even confronting the fact that Lew's boss was not refusing to share his tax returns as the Mueller Report remains sealed, while engaged in a multi-faced trade war during Brexit. All Steve cares about through this clip is that "HE HAS SOMEWHERE HE'D RATHER BE."

You're talking to Congress, you clown. Maxine Waters might not be your cup of tea, but she's running that show, stupid. And, please, tell an 80-year-old black woman what to do with her gavel and see how that goes, you fucking dolt.  

And the kicker? Guess who Steve was worried about waiting in his office? A mid-level diplomat from Bahrain. 

Steve and the Democrats is going to be quite the ride.


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