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Well, here's a fun blog we just found out about.

It's called "Occupy a job on Wall Street" and it purports to be the work of a former hedge funder [based on our perusal, it's either genuine or a spectacularly bizarre fake]. We recommend listening to all the episodes at your pace, but almost require that you listen to the pilot episode. It's titled "The Pelican" and it manages to spin an amazing yarn about early-aughts Wall Street, reminding us of a simpler, disgusting time and giving us a fun twist at the end.

The twist is a wondrously unsubtle blind item that [literally a matter of missing vowels] about a finance TV personality who apparently had herself quite a fun little cocaine habit and a skill that had almost nothing to do with previewing future trading action on cable TV before the bell.

So, please take a listen and let us know who you think "Mary from TV" could possibly be?


Ken Fisher Stand-up

Ken Fisher Reminds Investing Conference That The Only Thing He Hates More Than Annuities Is Ladies Knowing What's In His Pants

According to one attendee of the Tiburon CEO Conference, yesterday's fireside chat with Ken revealed the wisdom of not showing your dick to a counter-party and the immorality of charities.

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 1.38.12 PM

Hedge Fund CEO Announces To Staff That He Was Making Too Many Decisions, Pledges To Stop Making So Many Decisions

Tower Research Capital's Mark Gorton will become chairman and let a newly-formed board handle things going forward, like reportedly laying of 50 engineers.


The Lynn Tilton Podcast: A Dealbreaker Review

The Diva of Distressed has created an avant garde masterpiece revolutionary in the medium of recorded sound.

Screen Shot 2016-11-17 at 4.08.30 PM

Meet Rumored Dark Horse Treasury Pick Gerry Parsky

We can feel some growth in the #DraftDimon movement.


Blind Item: Which Power Hedge Fund Wife Is In The Market For A Wife Of Her Own?

This one is something of an open high society secret, so you should be embarrassed not to know.

Wells Fargo.Insane

Wells Fargo Narrowing Down CEO Candidates To Mostly Women, Hoping Any Of Them Will Take It

There is a lot of wild chatter coming from inside The Stagecoach.

(Getty Images)

Gary Cohn Isn't Not Telling People About That Time He Didn't Stop AT&T From Buying Time Warner

It really feels like The Big Grundle is giving out anonymous primo quotes to reporters about what he did in Trump's White House.