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So tomorrow is May 23, 2019, which astute observers may note is nearly two months after March 29, 2019, on which date the U.K. was supposed to be leaving the European Union. So guess what will be happening across the country, from John O’Groats to Land’s End and across the sea in Northern Ireland (and the rest of Ireland, for that matter)? Why, a European Parliamentary election, of course. That sounds like fun. Let’s check in on how that’s likely to go.


That looks pretty bad for Theresa May & co. Surely, this mean the jig is up, and that she’s due for a resignation over tea with the Queen right about now?

Surely, you don’t know Theresa May. Everything has looked bad for the past two years, since she threw away a solid majority for no particularly good reason, and during which the only improvement has been to go from suffering the biggest parliamentary defeat in history on her signature policy, leaving the EU in an orderly if not quite triumphant fashion, to suffering slightly less catastrophic defeats on the same. And since her colleagues in the Conservative Party lack the cojones to actually do anything about it, she plans on plowing ahead with yet another vote on her deal, albeit with a couple of sourers that mean she may break her own record for parliamentary rebellion.

British Prime Minister Theresa May laid out a fresh plan to get Parliament to back her Brexit divorce package, dangling the prospect of a second Brexit referendum and other concessions to entice opposition lawmakers to ratify the deal in her fourth time asking…. The Brexit deal Mrs. May presented on Tuesday is purposefully vague in the hope that it can garner support from a range of lawmakers.

You can imagine how well that’s working out.

The backlash was fierce. Both ruling Conservative and opposition Labour lawmakers criticised May’s Withdrawal Agreement Bill, or WAB, legislation which implements the terms of Britain’s departure. Some upped efforts to oust her and there were reports that her own ministers could move against her…. “The proposed second reading of the WAB is clearly doomed to failure so there really is no point wasting any more time on the prime minister’s forlorn hope of salvation,” Andrew Bridgen, a Conservative lawmaker, told Reuters. “She’s got to go.”

As do we all, although few of us have survived as many self-inflicted near-death experiences as Theresa May and lived to plunge into another.

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By EU2017EE Estonian Presidency (Theresa May) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Theresa May Can’t Always Get What She Wants, But If She Tries Sometime (A Second Time, Specifically), Maybe She Will?

I mean, she won’t, but let’s just play this increasingly stupid game a little longer. It’s not like there’s a deadline or something.


Queen Royally Trolling Theresa May

No one throws shade with a hat like Her Majesty.

By EU2017EE Estonian Presidency (Theresa May) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Brexit Still Impossible To Achieve, Both Sides Still Pretending It Isn’t

The brave faces can surely hold up another six months before running for cover from the catastrophe.


It’s A Miracle: There’s A Brexit Deal

Unfortunately, it will require several other miracles to actually happen.