Well, this is gross...

JPMorgan Chase & Co said on Tuesday that only 72% of shareholder votes approved its executive compensation packages, marking unusual opposition to pay for the bank’s top leaders.

About 93% supported JPMorgan’s executive pay last year.

Only 72%? What are you doing, JPM shareholders? The man has a family! You think it's easy to run a household on upper Park Avenue for less than $31 million a year?

You're going to lose him, you fools. Is Jamie's longtime frenemy Mike Mayo the only one who knows what you have?

Wells Fargo analyst Mike Mayo asked the board and Dimon about the bank’s leadership succession plan. “JPMorgan has key man risk - that’s you,” Mayo said, indicating Dimon.

At least listen to Jamie's unsubtle warning:

“If I was hit by that truck ... we have people who are quite capable who can run this company. There are more than one. There are several who can do it,” Dimon said. “Our bigger fear is that they get recruited away by somebody else because they are very talented.”

Yes, Jamie's successors...who are almost all women. Did you even watch "Game of Thrones?"

We speak fluent Dimon, so allow us to translate; what the man just said is "Stop fucking around and PAY ME." 

What's another $7-$8 million between friends?

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