We're not saying that you people have all lost your fucking minds. Jim Cramer is saying it:

“I don’t trust this market at all,” warned Cramer on “Squawk on the Street” as stock futures indicated a higher Wall Street open, which came to pass. ”[Trump] has made it so we got to wait to be able to buy.”

Cramer said he was troubled by Trump’s barrage of tweets, calling them “a little erratic this morning” and a bit confusing.

“He’s really disturbing the zeitgeist of the stock market,” Cramer said. “He should knock the tweets off if he wants the Dow to start going up, at least today.”

So, just to recap: if you're someone who sold yesterday because you saw no other option and you're buying today because Trump is tweeting about how he needs The Fed to bail him out on this China tariffs gambit [or whatever he meant, the tweets are batshit], Jim Cramer thinks you're acting a little insane...Jim Cramer...thinks...YOU...are acting nutty.

This is what we in the business call an intervention. Only you can be the change you need.

Cramer: ‘I don’t trust this market at all’ because it’s so dependent on Trump tweets [CNBC]