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OMG, You Guyz, Larry Kudlow Did A Meme

Kuddles is PUMPED, and this thing already looks DATED.

You guys want to see what a 71-year-old man looks like when he gets crunk on his own perception of the US economy?

Damn, Kuddles, you are going to pull a muscle. And that would have been a real shame considering that since you recorded this, Trump flipped the script on the China trade deal and the Dow opened down by...a lot. We're guessing that today is going to to be spent mostly on "Plunge Protection Team" duties, but please don't stop doing screamy hype man videos outside the White House. In fact, get Mnuchin to stand behind you and yell "WORD!" after every bizarre stanza. Maybe put Navarro in one of those Hannibal Lecter masks and have him sway back and forth threateningly holding a boom box like a Juggalo.

We like art.



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