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There are many ways to commit career suicide inside the Trump White House. 

Recusing yourself from a Justice Department investigation into treason is one, as is not admitting that you beat your ex-wives...plural. And then there's always the fatal mistake of not locking enough migrant children. But our favorite form of West Wing seppuku is the old sawhorse of publicly acknowledging one of the presidents obvious lies on TV. 

Trump does not like being contradicted and he loves TV, so if you really want to get yourself fired from this White House, this is still the most efficacious way. In fact, our research suggests that the only way to improve your odds are to buck Trump on a topic that he feels especially "smart" about and to do so on one of the networks that he likes. For instance, going on ABC News and confessing that Trump does not have a clear policy on school vouchers is not a very potent plan to get fired these days.

Actually, if you want to make sure that your ass is certainly grass, just watch this masterclass and take notes:

Larry Kudlow just went on FoxNews and told Chris Wallace that Trump is not telling the truth about who bears the burden of the tariffs that the president has imposed on Chinese goods and of which he is excessively proud.

It almost makes us sad to see Larry sign his White House death warrant on live TV. We have come to find comfort in Kuddles being at least a pretend voice of influence in this administration, which is pretty breathtaking in and of itself, but we're also pretty proud of the old tomcat for lasting this long. After all, we predicted he wouldn't make it through last fall, so congrats on lasting more than a year, Larry.

We will sit back and await Trump to fire Larry via a tweet about Larry "resigning" that comes as news to Larry.



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