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According to a tipster:

"Fairly substantial cuts at BMO Capital Markets. Rumored to be 5% of headcount. Across all product groups and industry verticals."

This might not be a very good day to be a Quebecois investment banker...


Goldman Sachs Dress Code

Layoff Watch '19: Goldman Sachs Doing Some Routine Spring Cleaning In Commodities

Mmm, the smell of pink slips wafting in from Battery Park City on the warming air.


Layoff Watch '19: All Deutsche Bank I-Bankers Might As Well Start Packing Their Scheiße

Deutsche Bank now openly contemplating what an investment bank looks like without investment bankers.


Layoff Watch: "Deutsche Bank: Infinity War"

Die Götterdämmerung of 60 Wall Street has begun.


Layoffs Watch '16: Nobody Is Getting Fired Ever Again!

Unless you work in compliance, the days of champagne, caviar, and blow are back!


Layoffs Watch '17: Fidelity Cuts A Few Hundred Just To Be Safe...We Guess?

Margins require sacrifice, even if you are raking it in hand over fist.

Getty Images

Layoffs Watch '18: UBS Wealth Managers Getting Cheaper By The Dozens

Sounds like a few dozen people are coming around to the idea that UBS sucks.

I can lose this much money with far fewer of you.

Layoffs Watch ’19: SocGen’s Investment Bank Stinks So It Needs A Lot Less Of It

Bright side: Those not good enough even for the French bank could also try for a certain German one.