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A day after telling everyone that he was full steam ahead on his nomination to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, non-economist and mental self-saboteur extraordinaire Stephen Moore has apparently just learned something very interesting on Twitter:

Welp, at least Steve isn't the only unqualified dipshit to be told by Trump via tweet that even the most partisan GOP Senate membership since Reconstruction couldn't stomach letting him make monetary policy in real life.

We won't lie; we're gonna miss this clown. Few people are so born to provide content for a snarky finance blog that enjoys making fun of idiots with zero self-awareness. But on the other hand, we can now get ready for our wall-to-wall coverage of Jim Cramer's confirmation to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Mad Money, INDEED!

UPDATE: Stephen Moore has released a totally pre-written and not-at-all-hastily prepared letter to the president that is full of syntax problems and punctuation nightmares because of the emotional context and not because Moore got dumped on Twitter and had to make this look legit:

Mr. President, I was honored and grateful that you asked me to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. Your economic policies have been a spectacular success for American workers. Record low unemployment, 3.2% growth, seven million job openings, and a near 40% rise in the stock market with five quarters now of 3% economic growth, something your critics said could never happen. Trumponomics has been VINDICATED. 

Your confidence in me makes what I am about to say much harder. I am respectfully asking that you withdraw my name from consideration. The unrelenting attacks on my character have become untenable for me and my family and 3 more months of this would be too hard on us. 

As you know, for the last four years nearly since the start of your campaign for President, I have been an advocate of your economic agenda and am proud to have played a small role in helping make that happen. I will continue to be a loud economic voice advocating for your policies, which will keep us on a prosperous path of 3 to 4% growth with rising wages and low inflation for as far as the eye can see,. I am always at your disposal.  

With the greatest regards and respect.

Stephen Moore



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