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When Facebook announced it was doing its own crypto, everyone rolled their eyes. But almost everyone was doing it for a different reason because the vast majority of people don't understand crypto, Blockchain technology, or why Facebook would get into this market at all. It's all very complicated and mathematical and finance-y and dark. Not understanding is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about, we can't all be experts in how money -- even the fake kind -- is supposed to work.

Like, take for instance, Minnesota Fed president Neel Kashkari...wait, what?

So obviously please jump on Twitter now and provide Kashkari with as much fake info on Libra that you can pass off without giving the game away.

Happy Friday.


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Maybe Neel Kashkari Doesn’t Want To Be Fed Chair

Do not presume to know the machinations going on within his shiny dome.

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Neel Kashkari Resumes Campaign For Fed Chairmanship

You know, just in case there should be an opening.

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Drama King Neel Kashkari Is Trying To Pack A Whole Year's Worth Of Dissents Into One Week

You can take away a Fed president's FOMC vote, but you can't take rob him of his Medium account.


Gary Cohn Just Out Here Hitting Golf Balls, Trading Crypto, And Hatin' On Facebook

As long as he avoids stumbling into a surprise DJ D-Sol set, we're happy for the big galoot.

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You Laugh At Neel Kashkari Because He's Different. He's Laughing Because You're All The Same

The Minnesota Fed's mountain man isn't going to conform to your narrow expectations of a rate hike.