Sometimes it's hard to remember that there's one guy in the Trump administration less capable of going on television than Peter Navarro. One person who is so intrinsically blinkered by his own sense of self, and so full of shit that he is entirely unaware of how his words can be perceived when coming from his mouth. Especially when discussing high-level diplomatic matters like trade negotiations, which is weird considering his job.

Ladies and gentlemen, we're talkin' 'bout the real-life Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross. Here's Wilbur talking China on CNBC this morning:

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross predicted on Tuesday that the U.S. and China will successfully negotiate a trade deal.

“Eventually, this will end in negotiation,” Ross said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “Even shooting wars end in negotiations.”

It's amazing really. Wilbur is so bad at this that it's almost an art. This isn't even the first time he's said this borderline crazy shit.

Not only has he decided to go on TV as a cabinet member and start talking about "Shooting wars" totally unprompted, but he's also managing to make it clear that his words are utterly meaningless. See?

“Judge this administration by results,” Ross said. “Don’t judge it by interim soundbites.”

Like, don't really think about the Commerce Secretary talking about shooting wars on the morning news. That's just normal these days, right?

Hey, at least Wilbur has evolved his narcoleptic kleptocrat comedy routine beyond props.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross predicts Trump and China will reach a trade deal — ‘even shooting wars end in negotiations’ [CNBC]