The U.S. and China are going to have a little chit-chat about their trade tiff next week, leading to no small amount of excitement among the trading classes, even if this guy is running the show. Kyle Bass is also excited. The man who’s been at war with China longer than anyone and who’s thrilled to have a few allies at long last, no matter how unsavory, is also excited. Excited for Steve Mnuchin to fail miserably and for battle to continue until he alone owns all of the tea.

“Every deal that the Chinese have signed up with us since their inception into the WTO since 2001, China never lives up to their promises,” the founder and chief investment officer of Hayman Capital Management said on CNBC’s Closing Bell on Thursday.

“At some point in time, one of our administrative officials is going to hold their feet to the fire and this is kind of a battle of cultures because the Communist Party doesn’t want to submit themselves to anything measurable or enforceable. I don’t think an agreement could be had,” Bass said.

Bass gamely attempted to conceal his glee at this analysis, but he has been unable to wipe the shit-eating grin from his face for months.

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass says a US-China trade deal can’t be reached [CNBC]